Monday, June 23, 2008

Snooze Bar - My friend, My Nemesis

Every morning from
deep dark sleep
The clock brings me to life
with beep beep beep.

I keep it close,
don't want to stretch too far
So I can always reach
my good friend, snooze bar.

Time to start the day
but I don't want to yet.
another few minutes
and I'll be all set.

Will the world really stop?
Is that much on the line?
If I just close my eyes
for another nine?

Snooze bar, my friend
you are the best
Thank you for the gift
of a bit more rest.

I sleep perchance to dream,
but wait.
How in the world did
it get so late?

I had set that alarm
because I had to get up
I preset the coffe maker
Should have already had a cup.

I have a meeting
things to do
Now I'll miss them all
thanks to you.

How could you do this
to me evil snooze?
Do you know how much
I stand to lose?

For just a bit more sleep
a few more Z's
Can you do me a favor
can you help me, please?

The next time I push your buttons
and want to sleep for a while.
Could you lie a little low?
Keep a low profile?

Snooze, what to do
with your lazy ways?
Shall I cut you loose
try to start my days
with a mean alarm clock
sans the nap feature?
I'm afraid that won't do.
I'm too much of a creature
of habit to live without
nine minutes of bliss.
So I'll stick with you.
Meetings I may miss.

C'est la vie or at least
C'est l'homme.
My friend, snooze bar,
we have a happy home.